Dating Tips for Men: 9 Reasons to Date a Drama-Free Woman for 2014

Yes, you read the title right. Drama-free women do exist! If in the past, you’ve attracted women who are never happy and you are done with the drama, then listen up to these 9 stellar reasons why a low-key lady might be the best thing you didn’t know you were missing!

  1. You love being around her positive energy. You feel happy being around her. You enjoy the positive energy that emanates from her heart. On the other hand, a drama queen leaves you feeling drained, and if you are near her you want to depart.
  2. You feel inspired to be a better man. My male clients tell me that after they have found their dream woman, they feel like they’ve attracted their muse. They’re working out more, traveling, exploring new things in the bedroom, and even making more money. What sounds unappealing about that?

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