About Antoinette


Nice to meet you.  Antoinette here.  I am a Dating and Love Coach for both women and men.

I love traveling, backcountry skiing, salsa dancing, cooking yummy meals, backpacking to hidden hot springs, kayaking with the whales on Maui, embracing my highest potential as a woman and creating my dream life.  I am here to create thriving, sexy and happy relationships.


Everything I teach, I’ve learned in this adventure called life. I went from “ugly duckling” to “beautiful swan”.  I’ve traveled around the world living a life of adventure and learning from Master Teachers about relationships.

I know first hand the feelings and signs of an unhealthy and toxic relationship, full of chronic self-doubt, low self-worth, rejection, and neediness. For many years I attracted the wrong relationships in my life until I learned to stop the vicious cycle.  I learned powerful tools and techniques that have helped me embrace magnetism, confidence and healthy self-esteem: at first within myself, and then to stop attracting unhealthy and toxic relationships.

These tools included: Healer Certification to help break the cycle of attracting the wrong relationships; Self-Love, Confidence & Empowerment with Feminine Tantra Practices; Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energetics in Relationships with Eastern Tantra; Life Coaching Training; and I am PAX graduate which helps men and women understand each other.  I now study with a Master Teacher  who helps guide one towards empowerment and helping one manifest their potential and dreams.

From my travels I learned to live a life full of pleasure, passion and play.  The more I enjoyed life, the more I became attractive to men.  I took what I learned and created a system to teach women how to bring out the best in men, how to be confident, cultivate self love, and be magnetic to the opposite sex.  The women I met, coached and those who are now in my inner circle of friends are AMAZING!  I spent many years teaching and supporting women on how to be happy, confident, and playful. From this, I gained clarity on exactly what a woman’s dating challenges are in relationship. I know what women want, need and desire.

As I did my research, I realized that most men do not have the necessary tools to attract a happy and positive, modern woman.  Turns out, a positive and happy woman does not solely care about how much money you make, or how hot you are.  She wants a man of high integrity and confidence; a solid masculine presence, full of compassion, kindness and honesty. She is no drama queen, she is a Drama-Free Woman.

That’s when I decided to support both men and women on how to to find their dream relationships.

7 Steps to Find Your Dream Partner™ process was created.

  • Gain confidence and self esteem, so that any man or woman will be lucky to be with you and you alone.
  • Break the cycle of attracting the wrong relationships, and find your dream partner.
  • Understand what the opposite sex is thinking, so you can succeed in dating and love.
  • End the online dating drama for good, and attract the love of your life.

7 Steps to Find Your Dream Partner™ process will change your life in a huge way!!  Plus, finding your dream partner will be an amazing adventure.  With an amazing partner by your side, dreams do come true.

Go to FREE SESSION to book a complimentary Find Your Dream Partner™ Strategy Session.  I will look at your own “unique” dating situation and blind spots, and come up with an action plan for you to succeed in dating and love.

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I look forward to meeting you soon!



Dating & Love Coach for Women and Men