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Are you attracting men or women based on chemistry alone?

Do you keep attracting men or women based on chemistry alone?

I dated a guy in the past where the chemistry was off the charts.  Later, I realized that we weren’t even on the same page with important values, and he was not emotionally available.  After weeks of tumultion, I thought to myself, “Am I really doing this again?”



Chemistry can be addicting at first, but it helps you overlook the real qualities this man or woman may or may not be offering.  Also, you get so caught up in the chemistry drug that when it wears off you realize that sometimes this person might even be a bit crazy,  narcissistic or a complete mess.  Can you relate?

Lesson learned.  I no longer jumped into relationships based on chemistry alone because it just plain sucked.  As a Love Coach, I experienced lessons and growth first hand, so I can share the wisdom I gained to overcome the past experiences to clients.  Hopefully, they don’t have to go through the same challenges and obstacles that I have in dating and love.

Now here’s the scoop:

1)  Don’t sleep with someone right away.  Get to know someone first before you give them the prize, which is you.  Men, I know you may be thinking that I am nuts, but do you really want to be entangled with a woman who goes crazy on you.  Women you might mistake the chemistry for the connection you deeply crave, but wait to give yourself away to a man sexually.  Trust me on this.

2) Create a best friend ship as the foundation.  You’ve heard stories of people who are divorced and literally hate their ex.  I can see they probably didn’t create a best friend first.  A best friend has your back, listens to you, pays attention to what you want, and you can trust this person.  Does his or her actions reflect what they say?  Is it easy to be with person or is it a struggle?

Find Your Dream Partner with Antoinette Cabral

3) Listen to your intuition.  If a man says, he is not ready to be in a long term relationship, he is actually telling you the truth.  Women, don’t try change his mind. You aren’t on the same page as him, and let him go.  Men, if you don’t have a good feeling about her, then stand up for yourself and tell her that you are no longer interested in dating her.

I work with clients around the country, and I hear the same story over again.  “I have such great chemistry with him/her?”  Do yourself a favor and if you are not on the same page, then don’t sleep with him or her until you have found your best friend.  Create a boundary around your heart’s desires and say yes to what you truly want inside.

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Antoinette Cabral Find Your Dream Partner


Dating and Relationship Advice for Women: Embrace Your Feminine Magnetism for this Summer

Connect to your sensual and feminine magnetism this Summer!  It’s July, and Summer is RIPE!  Remember I shared with you that Summer is the best time to manifest a sexy and empowered man.

One of the best ways to do this is by finding ways to PLAY!  The inner child isn’t afraid to connect to her sense of fun.  When you play, you bring out light, radiance and enchanting magnetism in your life.  People are drawn to YOU and want to have fun.

I remember dancing on the beach on the Manhattan Beach board walk by myself while my friend watched.  I drew in a friend another friend, Tieu, who came and joined me.   We had a nice crowd of men and women who enjoyed watching the two us dancing and we acted as if no one was watching.  This is “feminine magnetism” in action.

I am not telling you that you have to go out and start dancing on the boardwalk.  I want you to do something that bring you joy and motivates you from your heart.  This is magnetic!!!  Men want to play with you and want to be around YOU!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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How to be sensual with a man on the Passion Muse Show on HealthyLife.net

I had a blast on Mia Whitmore’s show the Passion Muse sharing with the audience how to truly embrace feminine magnetism.  While on the show, the producer was enjoying our conversation:



How to be sensual with a man: Antoinette Cabral on Male Room TV!

I had a blast being on the Male Room TV a couple weeks ago with Brad Swanson and Corey Jenkins.  I talk about embracing empowered sensuality…..much different from what you might think sensuality might be about.   Plus, it was great being around grounded and sexy men.  Please watch!

First Date Tips: Connection vs. Compatability

Have you been getting your flirt on??

Getting your flirt on the feminine way, is so much FUN because it’s about you radiating your feminine magnetism from within.

Remember:  Men crave your feminine ways!

After you meet a man that you like, then it’s time to get to know him on your first date!

Your first date is not to meet your soul mate, but to see how compatible you truly are with him.

You might have a connection with man and he might be a really great guy, but are you truly compatible in the long term?

In my up coming program that is starting this Wednesday, MANIFEST THE   RIGHT MAN ~ THE EMPOWERED FEMININE WAY!, I share with you the   7 steps a woman should use to get to know a man to see if he is the right man!

I will give you two of the 7 steps right here:

Step 1: Check out his values when it comes to marriage.  Not all men want to get married!

Step 2: HAVE FUN!! There is nothing like being around a woman who keeps things light and fun!  Bring out your feminine and fun side, because this is truly IRRESISTIBLE to men.  Who doesn’t like to have fun?

I can’t wait to share the 7 steps in my upcoming program!  It’s going to be packed with juicy information.  Plus, it will be A LOT of fun because I am fun!

How important is it for you to meet the right man?

Are you tired of attracting the wrong man over and over again?

Do you want to embrace your feminine magnetism and manifest a thriving, healthy and sexy relationship?

What are you waiting for?



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Antoinette is a passionate, playful and authentic mentor and I’ve appreciated her perspective on approaching life and dating relationships for many years. I find her seminars thought provoking and highly recommend them to any woman seeking a deeper, more satisfying relationship with herself. “  Maryanne Van Meter, San Diego, CA is now married with her first child with this man.

Dating Advice for Women: Radiating Feminine Magnetism and Meeting Men

Hello beautiful!

Happy Magical Monday!

Your own feminine magnetism is enchanting and magical to the right man!

Embracing your empowered feminine ways is very magical like this rainbow.

AND the right man can feel this way around YOU!  Remember how I talk about body language.  Your body language is 70% of communication, and he is MAGNETIZED BY YOU because you are magic to him.

I’ve seen it in my own life, and in my clients lives.

A client of mine, Jane, is having soooo much fun embracing her radiant feminine energy.  In one day she had a date with a handsome French Moroccan man and the same day met a handsome Italian man while riding the bus to museum.  How fun!  All in one day…..she’s been practicing being in her radiant feminine magnetism and they want to get to know her!

You can meet the right man anywhere when you are radiating your feminine magnetism…and it’s a signal for him to approach you.

I will say this again and again….MEN CRAVE YOUR FEMININE WAYS!

This is your best asset when it comes to dating and love.

“Feminine Magnetism” is available to ANYONE if you practice and receive support!

Men don’t want to be around a woman that is hard, linear,  and rough like them.

This is how you meet great men, by using your own “feminine magnetism”.

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Antoinette Cabral

Manifest the Right Man
by Embracing a Female Sensual Lifestyle
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How to be sensual with a man: How to flirt with a man

How are you?  This is my advice for how to be sensual with a man.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story about my own personal journey with men.  Yes!  I absolutely LOVE MEN and finding ways for you to THRIVE in relationship…..and that is why I share with you why I love what I do.

Do you want to learn how to flirt?

Do you even know how to flirt and meet great men?

First off, I want to share with you, you MUST have the foundation of healthy self esteem, confidence and embrace the feminine ways FIRST!

For my personal clients, together we build the empowered feminine foundation which is YOU!

The next step, is that I make sure that you clear and heal your negative experiences and beliefs about men that you might be holding onto.  If you don’t, it actually shows up in your own body language.  Since over 70% of communication is made through the body, then a healthy man can actually sense if you are holding onto these beliefs. This will directly affect what type of man you will attract when you flirt and start meeting men.

When you flirt you emit radiant body language…..


As an empowered women, the first step in flirting is having a connection and embracing your own radiant, feminine and sensual confidence!!

Feminine Tip of the day:

Look at  your self in the mirror. Notice your body language.  Adjust your body, so you feel confident,  radiant and loving.  Tell yourself how beautiful you are.  Walk and feel your body with this connection to your radiance.  Start your day off with feminine body language.

The right man will start to pick up on your radiant feminine energy.  He will notice YOU by your body language.

Men crave your empowered feminine ways….this is IRRESISTIBLE to the right man.

The next step I will further discuss in depth in my coaching program starting soon. 🙂

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Have a beautiful and sensual day!

Much love,

Antoinette Cabral

How to be sensual with a man: My own personal journey with men!

One thing I know for sure is how to be sensual with a man, how to attract men,  how to flirt with men, how to heal from a heart break and how to break the pattern of attracting the wrong man.

Let me tell you sister, when you learn how to heal from a heart break, build your self esteem and confidence, and learn how to flirt and be feminine around a man...A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF DATING AND LOVE CAN BEGIN!


YES!  You heard me right…dating and finding the right man or lover can be soooooooo exciting and so much fun!! Whoooohoooooo!!

For many years, while all my girlfriends and clients were obsessed with finding the right man, I loved just meeting men, getting to know men, flirting with men and dating several men at the same time. How do you think I got all my juicy information that I share with you?? I’ve read a plethora of books about men, taken workshops by relationship experts, and received personal coaching by dating and love coaches,  and more than anything, it was my experience with all these great men, and not so great men that gave me great and unique insight into the world of dating and love.

Here are some of my experiences:

  • I have my heart broken way too many times.
  • I thought I was in love, announced it to all my family and friends to find out the very next day that it wasn’t going to work out 🙁  That was humiliating!
  • I’ve been proposed to a handful of times, but wasn’t ready.
  • Men have rejected me over and over again.
  • I was betrayed by a man, and thought I couldn’t trust again, but learned to love again.
  • If I liked a guy, I would pursue him! Wrong….that goes against natural law!
  • Men have lied to me just to try to get into my pants 🙁
  • For many years, I was closed off sexually.  Making loves was painful and excruciating.  Now, I am able to have full body orgasms without physical contact.
  • I’ve been a muse more than once, where men have told me that I was the BEST thing that has happened to them.


When clients come to me for dating and relationship help, I know first hand on how to help them, and not just because I studied it, taken workshops and ready books on men, but because I know first hand how to MANIFEST THE RIGHT MAN ~ The Empowered Feminine Way!

  • I’ve recently helped a client heal her rejection issues with her dad which keeps showing up in her love life…men who reject her for another woman.  She is now loving herself through the process, and ready to manifest a healthy relationship!
  • A client in her 50s had bad experiences with men, didn’t trust men, and now is embracing here empowered feminine ways where younger men in their 30s are pursuing her!
  • A recent client asked me why she keeps attracting all the horn dogs. She say, “They just want get into my pants right away.”  I said that she is leaking her senxual energy and she is learning how to set boundaries with men.  Women set the pace when it comes to relationship!   A healthy man respects a healthy woman with boundaries. If he doesn’t, then MOVE ON!
  • A male client of mine has called in this amazing woman who is a match for his new empowered masculine ways.  He told me the other day, “Whatever you are teaching me about energy, attraction and dating, this new woman is says the same things that you do.  I have never felt this chemistry before with a woman, and it’s not just physical!” He is the perfect example of the type of man you would want to call in!

Are you ready to take this journey with me??

Manifest the Right Man ~ The Empowered Feminine Way!

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Have a beautiful and sensual day!

To your love and dating success,

Antoinette Cabral

Dating Advice for Women: Being in your head all day affects your dating life!

This is my dating advice for women. I have quite a few clients who use their brain all day for work, use their masculine energy to create at their high power jobs, and when they are dating or with a man, they tend to be the dominant one.….the one that is taking care of their man.  Yet, they want to be with a man who protects them and makes them feel feminine.


At work, are you using your brain all day?

Do you give and provide to other’s besides you?

Do you have no time for your love life, or if you are on a date or with your lover, you forget what it feels like to be feminine, flirty and fun?

When you embrace the empowered feminine ways you will:

  • Embrace feminine principles in business, so can THRIVE in your dating and love life!
  • MANIFEST THE RIGHT MAN and STOP making the same dating mistakes over and over again.
  • Be feminine in relationship, so the man can provide, protect you and CLAIM YOU!!
  • Have a rocking love and bedroom life!

If you are over doing it at work, this will directly affect your dating and love life.

This will show up in your body language as masculine energy. The right man wants to be a with a balanced feminine woman.

It’s the feminine ways of a woman that the right man craves!


Join me on my next FREE CALL with an interview with Dr. Anita Jackson of “I Am Enough” Institute.

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 at 6pm PST, 8pm CST and 9pm EST!

Embrace the empowered feminine ways, so he wants to CLAIM YOU!