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Are you attracting men or women based on chemistry alone?

Do you keep attracting men or women based on chemistry alone?

I dated a guy in the past where the chemistry was off the charts.  Later, I realized that we weren’t even on the same page with important values, and he was not emotionally available.  After weeks of tumultion, I thought to myself, “Am I really doing this again?”



Chemistry can be addicting at first, but it helps you overlook the real qualities this man or woman may or may not be offering.  Also, you get so caught up in the chemistry drug that when it wears off you realize that sometimes this person might even be a bit crazy,  narcissistic or a complete mess.  Can you relate?

Lesson learned.  I no longer jumped into relationships based on chemistry alone because it just plain sucked.  As a Love Coach, I experienced lessons and growth first hand, so I can share the wisdom I gained to overcome the past experiences to clients.  Hopefully, they don’t have to go through the same challenges and obstacles that I have in dating and love.

Now here’s the scoop:

1)  Don’t sleep with someone right away.  Get to know someone first before you give them the prize, which is you.  Men, I know you may be thinking that I am nuts, but do you really want to be entangled with a woman who goes crazy on you.  Women you might mistake the chemistry for the connection you deeply crave, but wait to give yourself away to a man sexually.  Trust me on this.

2) Create a best friend ship as the foundation.  You’ve heard stories of people who are divorced and literally hate their ex.  I can see they probably didn’t create a best friend first.  A best friend has your back, listens to you, pays attention to what you want, and you can trust this person.  Does his or her actions reflect what they say?  Is it easy to be with person or is it a struggle?

Find Your Dream Partner with Antoinette Cabral

3) Listen to your intuition.  If a man says, he is not ready to be in a long term relationship, he is actually telling you the truth.  Women, don’t try change his mind. You aren’t on the same page as him, and let him go.  Men, if you don’t have a good feeling about her, then stand up for yourself and tell her that you are no longer interested in dating her.

I work with clients around the country, and I hear the same story over again.  “I have such great chemistry with him/her?”  Do yourself a favor and if you are not on the same page, then don’t sleep with him or her until you have found your best friend.  Create a boundary around your heart’s desires and say yes to what you truly want inside.

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Help me find a woman & How to captivate a quality woman’s attention by Antoinette Cabral

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How to be sensual with a man on the Passion Muse Show on HealthyLife.net

I had a blast on Mia Whitmore’s show the Passion Muse sharing with the audience how to truly embrace feminine magnetism.  While on the show, the producer was enjoying our conversation:



How to be sensual with a man: Antoinette Cabral on Male Room TV!

I had a blast being on the Male Room TV a couple weeks ago with Brad Swanson and Corey Jenkins.  I talk about embracing empowered sensuality…..much different from what you might think sensuality might be about.   Plus, it was great being around grounded and sexy men.  Please watch!

The Three Most Common Dating Mistakes by Mikaya Heart

Law of attraction and dating
Mikaya Heart

As a culture, we have tremendous misunderstanding about what love is, and that misunderstanding causes more failed relationships than anything else. But we are also unduly influenced by the culture when we’re choosing a partner, and we frequently prioritise external considerations of eligibility over our own personal requirements of a partner. Perhaps most importantly of all, many of us haven’t learned the art of listening to someone else and we don’t know how to express ourselves clearly so someone else can hear us.

1. Love is not what makes a relationship work. You may fall in love with someone but what will make a good relationship is compatibility and the ability to communicate. It’s really great if you love someone too, and if you have great sex then at least you know you are compatible in that arena – but does he like to live the same way as you do? Does he have the same aspirations and values? Does he treat you the way you want to be treated? In other words, are the two of you compatible? There is nothing wrong with wanting different things in life, but if you hate TV and he wants to spend every evening watching it, a relationship won’t work in the long run, no matter how much you love him or how great the sex is.

2.   Look at him from your point of view, not from the culture’s point of view. He may appear to others to be very eligible (goodlooking and hardworking, for instance)  – but does he turn you on? It doesn’t matter what a great catch other people say he is; if you think he’s boring or dishonest or anything else less than complimentary, or if you don’t like the way he touches you, then don’t waste your time trying to form a relationship with him. You can’t make intimacy work just because your family and friends want it to work.

3.   Clear communication enables you to negotiate your needs, so that you can both work together to get what is right for each other. You want to make it a win-win situation, and you can only do that if you are clear about what you want. It’s about listening without judgment and without jumping to conclusions. Let him have his say and check out that you have heard him correctly. Then state your needs as clearly as you can, and make sure he has understood what you are saying. This means you must think about what it is you need very carefully. Most women are far too ready to give up what they need in order to make their partners happy- and this does not work in the long run, it only leads to resentment.

It’s often in the arena of communication that you will see the first red flags. Is he listening to you? Is he treating the interchange more as a form of competition than a form of cooperation? Don’t gloss over this kind of behavior – you cannot have a rewarding relationship with someone who doesn’t value you enough to listen to what you have to say.

Bio: Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author and a life coach, using shamanistic methods to help people operate from a base of trust instead of fear. She is based in northern California. Her latest book is The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. www.mikayaheart.org

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The Key to Unraveling Déjἁ Vu Relationships

Do you experience the same dynamics in your relationships over and over again? Although while you are experiencing it, it’s maddening and heartbreaking; relationship déjἁ vu actually holds great insight into what you ultimately want to learn this lifetime.

When we live unconsciously our lives run us in a never-ending attempt to hopefully help us learn what it is we wanted to learn this lifetime. Before we are even born, at the Spirit level, we lay out a game plan for our upcoming lifetime that includes exploring and learning certain essential life lessons. These lessons not only help us individually evolve as spiritual beings, but they also help us all evolve as a collective.


If you think back throughout history, consider the evolution of humankind. All of our evolution has revolved around the lessons we learn whether emotionally, mentally or physically – our individual growth means the growth of humankind.


Let’s get back to your relationship déjà vu. Why do you attract the same person time and time again? Even though you think ‘this time’ he’s a totally different guy, 6 months or a year into your relationship you realize you have the same guy all over again.

The answer is really simple, wrapped up in the repeating theme of your relationship is at least one powerful and life changing lesson. If you can figure out what the life lesson is and start to learn it, you can change your pattern where your relationships are concerned.

In fact, the more conscious you become to the insight that all of your relationships hold (intimate, family, work, casual) the more your life will be yours to create.


To help you unravel this mystery, think about the reoccurring theme in your relationships.  Maybe it’s losing your identity, maybe it’s being cheated on, maybe it’s being the unhealthy object of desire.  Whatever it is, write down the reoccurring theme and how it has reappeared in different relationships.  Our life lessons fall in to three basic genres – standing in our own power, speaking our truth or self-validation.  Take some time to sit with these and see if you can figure out what your reoccurring lessons are trying to get you to learn. As you unravel this mystery, you will be able to then work on this lesson consciously, rather than needing it to show up unconsciously in your relationships.


It is only in our unconsciousness that life pulls us along. As soon as you wake-up to your life lessons, you will no longer need someone to push against, or someone to motivate you to learn. You’ll be able to see, unravel, learn, heal and grow however you choose.


© 2012 Christine Agro, All Rights Reserved.


Christine Agro is a clairvoyant, metaphysical expert and author of 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously: 8 tools and 42 Concepts to Help You Live Life Consciously. She is founder of The Conscious Living Guide, a membership website designed to help you unravel your life’s lessons. Get a free copy of 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously when you sign-up as a 1 month member at TheConsciousLivingGuide.com

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Healing Our Unresolved Hurts

Patrina M Wright
Patrina M Wright

What we see, feel and experience determine our relationships with other people. It also impacts our self-image, how we feel about ourselves. As we learn to love and value ourselves, we attract people who value who we are. When we don’t love ourselves, we will attract those who are unable to give us the love we deserve. Some of the reasons we have a problem loving ourselves can be traced back to unresolved issues of our past that caused emotional wounds.


Every little girls dream is to be called, “Princess” by her father. A father is the one who helps his daughter develop a healthy self-image. A father provides affirmation, acceptance and value.

They help us develop an awareness of being wanted, accepted, cared for, adored and loved. A father also teaches us how to relate to the opposite sex. However, when we don’t feel this sense of belonging there is an empty space created within our hearts.


These unmet emotional needs can create father wounds. These open wounds produce deep emotional pain. Oftentimes, to fulfill our needs we venture out early in life looking for love, sometimes we search in all the wrong places and find our hearts broken time and time again.


Another unresolved wound that causes women to attract relationships with the same kind of men is childhood sexual abuse. Many women have experienced sexual abuse, molestation, rape and incest by the hands of someone they should have been able to trust.  As a result of shame, guilt, depression, fear and anxiety many victims suffer in silence. All too often we learn how to sweep issues under the rug and pray that the scars of the abuse will go away, with time.


Unfortunately, as time goes on the wounds become even more infected. Truth of the matter is covered wounds don’t heal. Time doesn’t heal wounds. Our inner brokenness makes us unable to discern what’s healthy and what’s not. Unresolved hurts damages our self-esteem and leaves us at-risk. We learn to tolerate mistreatment, cheaters and beaters just to have a man.


In order to be able to attract a man who is whole within himself we need to be whole. Therapy, counseling or coaching can help you work through these issues. When your life has been shattered by heartache, pain and suffering you lose something- yourself.  When you don’t know who you are, you become somebody else only to end up hating who you have become.

The good new is, though we can’t go back and change our past we take charge of our future. We can be restored. We can rebuild.  We recover what we have lost.

Biography of Rev. Patrina M Wright

Rev. Patrina Wright is a temperament counselor, author, motivational speaker, abuse prevention specialist and healing coach. She is the author of “Still Scarred, Totally Healed: Opening Your Heart and Mind to God’s Healing of Past Hurts” and “The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives: Repositioning Your Soul To Thrive After Domestic Violence”.  Rev. Wright is also the producer and host of a talk show called, Restore, Recover, Rebuild. Through her nonprofit organization she offers resources and training seminars to help pastors and other organizations effectively provide help, hope and healing to families dealing with abuse. She is also the founder of Beyond the Abuse Ministries, a healing ministry focused on helping people experience recovery and wholeness through conferences, retreats and personal coaching.

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Is Your Nervous System Attracting Mr. Wrong?

Tracy O'Brien
Tracy O'Brien

I realize that sounds totally weird, yet it is a strange but true fact that our nervous systems like the status quo.  If you grew up with a lot of turmoil and drama, it becomes familiar, and you tend to gravitate back to that in your adult life.  Without realizing it, you attract men who will put you back into that familiar emotional climate.

You’re not masochistic, and you’re not deliberately choosing a man who is mean or abusive.  It’s just a subconscious return to what feels normal – the tyranny of the familiar.  The good news is, now that you’re aware of it, you can change it.

Does he remind you of someone who treated you poorly in the past?  Do you find yourself making excuses for his behaviour, for his treatment of you and other people?  We all behave poorly at times, saying and doing things we regret, but when you see a pattern in his behaviour, watch ut.  Don’t ignore the warning signs just so you have someone you can call your own.

One of the most sure fire ways to break the cycle is to start loving yourself.  If you don’t love you and treat yourself with respect, why should anyone else?

Start to notice what you say to yourself, that inner dialogue that only you hear.  Are you saying things to yourself that you would never say to your best friend?  Are you “brutally honest” and harsh with yourself?  If so, you are showing yourself great disrespect.  That energy will be picked up by the people around you, and they will mirror it back to you.

There was a time when I thought I had “victim” tattooed to my forehead.  I couldn’t see it, but it seemed like everyone else could.  I’ve learned that others will see me and treat me as I see myself, especially men.

This isn’t something you will change in one night, but you can break the cycle.  I did.  I know you can, too.  Start by praising yourself for each and every little thing you do well.  Give yourself credit for even showing up and getting in the game.  As you build your self-esteem by noticing and appreciating the great things about you, rather than having a false and destructive “humility” that is little more than self-abuse, you will become stronger, more beautiful, more secure, more powerful.  You will become someone who attracts other loving, secure people into her life.

The other thing you need for this process is a partner in believing.  You need a friend, mentor, coach, someone who sees your brilliance and believes in you and the changes you want to make.  It is so easy to fall back into the vortex of the life you’ve known.  Having someone on board who knows the way out of the forest will make the journey so much easier.  And the new you will attract a man worth having in your life!

About Tracy

Tracy O’Brien is the proud mother of 3 girls, author of the upcoming book, Change The Hand You’ve Been Dealt, owner and CEO of Tuwanda Corp., a real estate investment company,  and O’Brien Prosperity System, a coaching company that takes clients from stressed and struggling to relaxed and prosperous in all 4 quadrants of life.

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First Date Tips: Connection vs. Compatability

Have you been getting your flirt on??

Getting your flirt on the feminine way, is so much FUN because it’s about you radiating your feminine magnetism from within.

Remember:  Men crave your feminine ways!

After you meet a man that you like, then it’s time to get to know him on your first date!

Your first date is not to meet your soul mate, but to see how compatible you truly are with him.

You might have a connection with man and he might be a really great guy, but are you truly compatible in the long term?

In my up coming program that is starting this Wednesday, MANIFEST THE   RIGHT MAN ~ THE EMPOWERED FEMININE WAY!, I share with you the   7 steps a woman should use to get to know a man to see if he is the right man!

I will give you two of the 7 steps right here:

Step 1: Check out his values when it comes to marriage.  Not all men want to get married!

Step 2: HAVE FUN!! There is nothing like being around a woman who keeps things light and fun!  Bring out your feminine and fun side, because this is truly IRRESISTIBLE to men.  Who doesn’t like to have fun?

I can’t wait to share the 7 steps in my upcoming program!  It’s going to be packed with juicy information.  Plus, it will be A LOT of fun because I am fun!

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Dating Advice for Women: Radiating Feminine Magnetism and Meeting Men

Hello beautiful!

Happy Magical Monday!

Your own feminine magnetism is enchanting and magical to the right man!

Embracing your empowered feminine ways is very magical like this rainbow.

AND the right man can feel this way around YOU!  Remember how I talk about body language.  Your body language is 70% of communication, and he is MAGNETIZED BY YOU because you are magic to him.

I’ve seen it in my own life, and in my clients lives.

A client of mine, Jane, is having soooo much fun embracing her radiant feminine energy.  In one day she had a date with a handsome French Moroccan man and the same day met a handsome Italian man while riding the bus to museum.  How fun!  All in one day…..she’s been practicing being in her radiant feminine magnetism and they want to get to know her!

You can meet the right man anywhere when you are radiating your feminine magnetism…and it’s a signal for him to approach you.

I will say this again and again….MEN CRAVE YOUR FEMININE WAYS!

This is your best asset when it comes to dating and love.

“Feminine Magnetism” is available to ANYONE if you practice and receive support!

Men don’t want to be around a woman that is hard, linear,  and rough like them.

This is how you meet great men, by using your own “feminine magnetism”.

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Manifest the Right Man
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