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Are you attracting men or women based on chemistry alone?

Do you keep attracting men or women based on chemistry alone?

I dated a guy in the past where the chemistry was off the charts.  Later, I realized that we weren’t even on the same page with important values, and he was not emotionally available.  After weeks of tumultion, I thought to myself, “Am I really doing this again?”



Chemistry can be addicting at first, but it helps you overlook the real qualities this man or woman may or may not be offering.  Also, you get so caught up in the chemistry drug that when it wears off you realize that sometimes this person might even be a bit crazy,  narcissistic or a complete mess.  Can you relate?

Lesson learned.  I no longer jumped into relationships based on chemistry alone because it just plain sucked.  As a Love Coach, I experienced lessons and growth first hand, so I can share the wisdom I gained to overcome the past experiences to clients.  Hopefully, they don’t have to go through the same challenges and obstacles that I have in dating and love.

Now here’s the scoop:

1)  Don’t sleep with someone right away.  Get to know someone first before you give them the prize, which is you.  Men, I know you may be thinking that I am nuts, but do you really want to be entangled with a woman who goes crazy on you.  Women you might mistake the chemistry for the connection you deeply crave, but wait to give yourself away to a man sexually.  Trust me on this.

2) Create a best friend ship as the foundation.  You’ve heard stories of people who are divorced and literally hate their ex.  I can see they probably didn’t create a best friend first.  A best friend has your back, listens to you, pays attention to what you want, and you can trust this person.  Does his or her actions reflect what they say?  Is it easy to be with person or is it a struggle?

Find Your Dream Partner with Antoinette Cabral

3) Listen to your intuition.  If a man says, he is not ready to be in a long term relationship, he is actually telling you the truth.  Women, don’t try change his mind. You aren’t on the same page as him, and let him go.  Men, if you don’t have a good feeling about her, then stand up for yourself and tell her that you are no longer interested in dating her.

I work with clients around the country, and I hear the same story over again.  “I have such great chemistry with him/her?”  Do yourself a favor and if you are not on the same page, then don’t sleep with him or her until you have found your best friend.  Create a boundary around your heart’s desires and say yes to what you truly want inside.

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Antoinette Cabral Find Your Dream Partner


Dating and Relationship Advice for Women: Embrace Your Feminine Magnetism for this Summer

Connect to your sensual and feminine magnetism this Summer!  It’s July, and Summer is RIPE!  Remember I shared with you that Summer is the best time to manifest a sexy and empowered man.

One of the best ways to do this is by finding ways to PLAY!  The inner child isn’t afraid to connect to her sense of fun.  When you play, you bring out light, radiance and enchanting magnetism in your life.  People are drawn to YOU and want to have fun.

I remember dancing on the beach on the Manhattan Beach board walk by myself while my friend watched.  I drew in a friend another friend, Tieu, who came and joined me.   We had a nice crowd of men and women who enjoyed watching the two us dancing and we acted as if no one was watching.  This is “feminine magnetism” in action.

I am not telling you that you have to go out and start dancing on the boardwalk.  I want you to do something that bring you joy and motivates you from your heart.  This is magnetic!!!  Men want to play with you and want to be around YOU!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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The Three Most Common Dating Mistakes by Mikaya Heart

Law of attraction and dating
Mikaya Heart

As a culture, we have tremendous misunderstanding about what love is, and that misunderstanding causes more failed relationships than anything else. But we are also unduly influenced by the culture when we’re choosing a partner, and we frequently prioritise external considerations of eligibility over our own personal requirements of a partner. Perhaps most importantly of all, many of us haven’t learned the art of listening to someone else and we don’t know how to express ourselves clearly so someone else can hear us.

1. Love is not what makes a relationship work. You may fall in love with someone but what will make a good relationship is compatibility and the ability to communicate. It’s really great if you love someone too, and if you have great sex then at least you know you are compatible in that arena – but does he like to live the same way as you do? Does he have the same aspirations and values? Does he treat you the way you want to be treated? In other words, are the two of you compatible? There is nothing wrong with wanting different things in life, but if you hate TV and he wants to spend every evening watching it, a relationship won’t work in the long run, no matter how much you love him or how great the sex is.

2.   Look at him from your point of view, not from the culture’s point of view. He may appear to others to be very eligible (goodlooking and hardworking, for instance)  – but does he turn you on? It doesn’t matter what a great catch other people say he is; if you think he’s boring or dishonest or anything else less than complimentary, or if you don’t like the way he touches you, then don’t waste your time trying to form a relationship with him. You can’t make intimacy work just because your family and friends want it to work.

3.   Clear communication enables you to negotiate your needs, so that you can both work together to get what is right for each other. You want to make it a win-win situation, and you can only do that if you are clear about what you want. It’s about listening without judgment and without jumping to conclusions. Let him have his say and check out that you have heard him correctly. Then state your needs as clearly as you can, and make sure he has understood what you are saying. This means you must think about what it is you need very carefully. Most women are far too ready to give up what they need in order to make their partners happy- and this does not work in the long run, it only leads to resentment.

It’s often in the arena of communication that you will see the first red flags. Is he listening to you? Is he treating the interchange more as a form of competition than a form of cooperation? Don’t gloss over this kind of behavior – you cannot have a rewarding relationship with someone who doesn’t value you enough to listen to what you have to say.

Bio: Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author and a life coach, using shamanistic methods to help people operate from a base of trust instead of fear. She is based in northern California. Her latest book is The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. www.mikayaheart.org

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The Key to Unraveling Déjἁ Vu Relationships

Do you experience the same dynamics in your relationships over and over again? Although while you are experiencing it, it’s maddening and heartbreaking; relationship déjἁ vu actually holds great insight into what you ultimately want to learn this lifetime.

When we live unconsciously our lives run us in a never-ending attempt to hopefully help us learn what it is we wanted to learn this lifetime. Before we are even born, at the Spirit level, we lay out a game plan for our upcoming lifetime that includes exploring and learning certain essential life lessons. These lessons not only help us individually evolve as spiritual beings, but they also help us all evolve as a collective.


If you think back throughout history, consider the evolution of humankind. All of our evolution has revolved around the lessons we learn whether emotionally, mentally or physically – our individual growth means the growth of humankind.


Let’s get back to your relationship déjà vu. Why do you attract the same person time and time again? Even though you think ‘this time’ he’s a totally different guy, 6 months or a year into your relationship you realize you have the same guy all over again.

The answer is really simple, wrapped up in the repeating theme of your relationship is at least one powerful and life changing lesson. If you can figure out what the life lesson is and start to learn it, you can change your pattern where your relationships are concerned.

In fact, the more conscious you become to the insight that all of your relationships hold (intimate, family, work, casual) the more your life will be yours to create.


To help you unravel this mystery, think about the reoccurring theme in your relationships.  Maybe it’s losing your identity, maybe it’s being cheated on, maybe it’s being the unhealthy object of desire.  Whatever it is, write down the reoccurring theme and how it has reappeared in different relationships.  Our life lessons fall in to three basic genres – standing in our own power, speaking our truth or self-validation.  Take some time to sit with these and see if you can figure out what your reoccurring lessons are trying to get you to learn. As you unravel this mystery, you will be able to then work on this lesson consciously, rather than needing it to show up unconsciously in your relationships.


It is only in our unconsciousness that life pulls us along. As soon as you wake-up to your life lessons, you will no longer need someone to push against, or someone to motivate you to learn. You’ll be able to see, unravel, learn, heal and grow however you choose.


© 2012 Christine Agro, All Rights Reserved.


Christine Agro is a clairvoyant, metaphysical expert and author of 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously: 8 tools and 42 Concepts to Help You Live Life Consciously. She is founder of The Conscious Living Guide, a membership website designed to help you unravel your life’s lessons. Get a free copy of 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously when you sign-up as a 1 month member at TheConsciousLivingGuide.com

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What’s The Attraction? A Relationship Truth

MJ Domet
MJ Domet

“I really thought this one was different.” How many times have you heard that from a friend or said it yourself? His looks were intriguing, he had a dissimilar type of job and, for awhile, treated you differently; but, the reality was the relationship ended pretty much the same as the last one, or two, or three. So, what is going on? Why do you keep choosing the same man over and over again even though you have made a conscious effort not to.


The one common denominator is you! In order to change the result something in the formula has to be modified. In order to rewrite the ending, start with a new beginning. The one thing proven over and over again is that we are unable to change anyone but ourselves. That eliminates the other person in the relationship, so working on the main character is the only choice left. I am not speaking about losing weight, cutting your hair or any other physical trivialities. I am talking about changing what really counts; the limiting self beliefs you carry inside yourself.


You attract the feelings, attitudes and beliefs you hold about yourself. If you are wanting a long lasting, connected relationship but feel as if you don’t deserve it; or that you will never have one because nobody in your family ever committed to anything for long; you are sabotaging any union before it begins. The people coming into your life are sensing -at an energetic level- the hesitations you have. Working at understanding any limiting beliefs you hold around yourself and choosing to release them will activate new energy resulting in a renewed attitude and a fresh perspective around your relationships.


It takes some inner strength to really look at yourself, but once you do the results are well worth it. One important thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with you or the men you attract. Life lessons come in all forms as do the teachers of them.


When I was newly married years ago, I had very low self esteem which was reflected within my relationship with my husband. His treatment of me was echoic of how I felt about myself. Making inner changes gave me the strength to leave him. This resilience led to interesting consequences as we did resume our relationship some months later, same two players but with different attitudes. The relationship became one of balance, trust and interestingly, independence as we each came to realize we were two different people contributing to a marriage; not two people trying to make a marriage work.


Looking deep inside yourself, you can find those preconceived beliefs which are creating relationship issues. When you do, be sure to eliminate all those beliefs which are not serving a useful purpose but treasure those which make you the beautiful person you are inside.


M.J. Domet


Marilyn Dometraschuk, known in the literary world as M.J. Domet, is the owner and founder of The Gemini Potential, a company that focuses on personal development, by providing counselling services, seminars, and workshops. She is the winner of the Ashford Radio 2012 Inspirational Author of the Year Award.

Marilyn offers an array of products and services which includes Deep Healing Emotional Energy, Reiki, and Face Reading. She has several workshops ranging from her various classes, along with presentations and seminars on spiritual and self empowerment topics. Her primary goal is to assist people in reaching their potential at all levels and live limitlessly with passion and purpose. Her book, Waves of Blue Light: Heal The Heart and Free the Soul, is helping people gain a new perspective on their lives.


MJ Domet Contact:




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Healing Our Unresolved Hurts

Patrina M Wright
Patrina M Wright

What we see, feel and experience determine our relationships with other people. It also impacts our self-image, how we feel about ourselves. As we learn to love and value ourselves, we attract people who value who we are. When we don’t love ourselves, we will attract those who are unable to give us the love we deserve. Some of the reasons we have a problem loving ourselves can be traced back to unresolved issues of our past that caused emotional wounds.


Every little girls dream is to be called, “Princess” by her father. A father is the one who helps his daughter develop a healthy self-image. A father provides affirmation, acceptance and value.

They help us develop an awareness of being wanted, accepted, cared for, adored and loved. A father also teaches us how to relate to the opposite sex. However, when we don’t feel this sense of belonging there is an empty space created within our hearts.


These unmet emotional needs can create father wounds. These open wounds produce deep emotional pain. Oftentimes, to fulfill our needs we venture out early in life looking for love, sometimes we search in all the wrong places and find our hearts broken time and time again.


Another unresolved wound that causes women to attract relationships with the same kind of men is childhood sexual abuse. Many women have experienced sexual abuse, molestation, rape and incest by the hands of someone they should have been able to trust.  As a result of shame, guilt, depression, fear and anxiety many victims suffer in silence. All too often we learn how to sweep issues under the rug and pray that the scars of the abuse will go away, with time.


Unfortunately, as time goes on the wounds become even more infected. Truth of the matter is covered wounds don’t heal. Time doesn’t heal wounds. Our inner brokenness makes us unable to discern what’s healthy and what’s not. Unresolved hurts damages our self-esteem and leaves us at-risk. We learn to tolerate mistreatment, cheaters and beaters just to have a man.


In order to be able to attract a man who is whole within himself we need to be whole. Therapy, counseling or coaching can help you work through these issues. When your life has been shattered by heartache, pain and suffering you lose something- yourself.  When you don’t know who you are, you become somebody else only to end up hating who you have become.

The good new is, though we can’t go back and change our past we take charge of our future. We can be restored. We can rebuild.  We recover what we have lost.

Biography of Rev. Patrina M Wright

Rev. Patrina Wright is a temperament counselor, author, motivational speaker, abuse prevention specialist and healing coach. She is the author of “Still Scarred, Totally Healed: Opening Your Heart and Mind to God’s Healing of Past Hurts” and “The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives: Repositioning Your Soul To Thrive After Domestic Violence”.  Rev. Wright is also the producer and host of a talk show called, Restore, Recover, Rebuild. Through her nonprofit organization she offers resources and training seminars to help pastors and other organizations effectively provide help, hope and healing to families dealing with abuse. She is also the founder of Beyond the Abuse Ministries, a healing ministry focused on helping people experience recovery and wholeness through conferences, retreats and personal coaching.

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Smart Singles Tips for Healthy & Passionate Relationships!

Rosalind Sedacca
Rosalind Sedacca

Healthy relationships thrive on more than just passion. They are based on balance. When one partner “owns” all the power and exerts control over the relationship, the other partner usually feels intimidated, insecure and often fearful. If you’re in a relationship in which you feel powerless or uncomfortable in expressing your needs and desires, this is the perfect time to do some inner probing, reassess your relationship’s balance and question whether you’re with the right partner.

Here are some valuable tips for making a relationship work … along with some warning signs that you may be settling for less than you deserve in a meaningful, lasting relationship.

  1. Successful relationships are built on mutual respect.  Therefore, the more you focus on negative aspects of your partner, the more you will deny yourself the positive, attractive aspects you noticed when you first started dating. Find ways to keep respect between you thriving.


  1. Don’t lose yourself in your relationship. Maintain your individual interests, including friends, activities and professional goals.   You must be able to orchestrate your life and not feel smothered or discounted.


  1. Be alert to any uncomfortable behaviors in your partner that would be a sign of impending abuse.  Too quick attachment, intense jealousy, mood swings, anger issues, verbal threats or distorted accusations are the “red flags” that spell caution.


  1. Trust your intuition, which is that part of you with knowledge vital to your well-being.  This internal antenna continually sends you messages and if anything or anyone makes you feel uneasy, don’t ignore it.


  1. Never sacrifice yourself for the sake of your partner.  While it’s always important to be flexible in your relationship, be sure you don’t sacrifice the values, integrity and standards that are important to you. Compromise is a wonderful quality; selling your soul is too high a price to pay for being in a relationship!

A great way to express your new-found personal power is through your communication skills. Talk about your feelings and frustrations. Ask your partner about their own. Then make some mutual agreements about healthy and respectful new ways to approach your relationship balance. A loving partner will share more than their passion with you. They’ll be respectful and receptive to making changes that accommodate your needs. Be willing, of course, to do the same. If your partner doesn’t want to relinquish control of the relationship, perhaps 2012 is the year for you to open the door to finding a better relationship fit.

Keep these tips in mind and your next relationship will be based on a sound foundation for success!

*     *     *

Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, is a Relationship Coach and co-author of 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60! Visit www.womendatingafter40.com to receive a free Dating Tip Sheet and Tip of the Week — from successfully preparing for dates to finding a “keeper.”

Meet Rosalind Sedacca, CCT …

Rosalind Sedacca is a Relationship Coach and co-author of 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60! This new book is a quick and easy read filled with insights and advice women need to know before dating or entering into a romantic relationship. Her 99 tips guide mature women toward developing the healthy and fulfilling relationships they desire and deserve.

Rosalind was divorced and then single for eight years before happily remarrying. She has much to share about challenges related to dating in midlife, communication skills and how your level of self-esteem affects your choices and results in dating and relationships.

Rosalind is on the Board of Directors of WE Magazine for Women and ChildSharing, Inc. She’s an Advisor at ParentalWisdom.com, a Contributing Writer for Exceptional People Magazine and the 2008 First Place Winner of the Victorious Woman Award. Rosalind is the creator of several relationship courses and leads workshops for singles and couples on relationship and dating challenges.

You can learn more about her at www.womendatingafter40.com and www.womendatingrescue.com.

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Why Women Keep Attracting The Wrong Men Over And Over Again and What They Can Do To Attract Mr. Right

Rob Pennington
Rob Pennington

By Dr Rob Pennington, Psychologist and award winning Author of Find The Upside of the Down Times: How To Turn Your Worst Experiences Into Your Best Opportunities.

Finding out ‘too late’, after you have already become involved or committed, that once again a man who is attracted to you is “the wrong man” is a very painful and frightening experience. Not only do you have to get out of this relationship as quick as you can, and with as little pain as possible, but you also have to start thinking about what are you going to do next time. How do you make sure the next guy isn’t another wrong man, but the right one? Here’s how.

1) Decide there are good guys alive on the planet who will also be attracted to you. Not knowing how to find the right man can make you settle for the wrong one. Please don’t. There are good men in the world, lots of them. If you don’t believe that, then what are you left with? Well, obviously only the wrong ones.

So you have to make the decision that no matter your previous experience, which in the grand scheme of things is probably limited to a relatively tiny group of small minded men (not the best examples of their gender wouldn’t you agree?), that somewhere there is at least one man (and maybe Billions) who is alive and on the planet today, who will be attracted to you, and you to him, and who will meet the requirements you have for Mr. Right.

If you have trouble believing this, if you have trouble realizing the odds are in your favor, then you absolutely have to read Sondra Ray’s powerful life changing book, Loving Relationships. It sure made a difference for me. Sondra is a psychotherapist who once worked with a woman who did not believe that a good, honest and right man for her existed on the planet! Out of the 3.5 Billion!! men – none were any good. And guess what? Every man she was involved with reinforced her negative belief. She did not know she had anything to do with the men she chose to become involved with. “That’s just the way men who are attracted to me are”, she would think. But once she realized she was the woman who decided to get involved with the wrong men, with men who did not meet a strong set of criteria for being a good “right” man, she realized that she was the one who could change what she believed and therefore the results she could produce. Please read this book. Do the exercises in the book. There is a right and good man for you.

2) Get clear about what your criteria for Mr. Right is, so you will recognize him when you see him. Or you will at least recognize quicker when a man isn’t him. If you don’t know exactly what you require of a man in many areas of life, i.e., how you share time, money, family, sex, hobbies, careers, friendships, if you don’t have clarity for yourself about what your expectations, specifically what is a requirement and what is a preference, how can you do anything but keep selecting the wrong man?

Keep doing what you’ve been doing
and expecting a different result will never work.

If you have difficulty with this step, take a look at a short video on my blog of me talking about my own relationship and my discovering the importance, the necessity, of defining what I require in a relationship. Because once I am clear with myself about what is required, meaning not negotiable, not debatable, then either I get that agreed to upfront or I’m quickly out of there. Everything else is just a preference. You need to know for yourself what you require and prefer in each of the areas of life listed above.

For instance, one thing I require is that the other person has demonstrated that they are willing to look at what they have to do with how they are feeling. If they don’t like how they are feeling, and they are not willing to be responsible for being the cause of their upset, then guess who they are always going to blame for how they are feeling? Me! Such a person is definitely not the right person for me. And I know it because of having become clear with myself about what I require.

3) Use your criteria for the right man to help you say, “No” to all the wrong men quicker – before you become involved. You just have to follow a basic law about how the universe works:

The faster you say “No” to what doesn’t work,
the quicker what will work shows up.

Women see a few things about a man they find attractive and they make the natural assumption that if this man is like this, i.e., cute, funny, successful and sexy, then he must also be kind, considerate and responsible. It is easy to project our ideals onto someone who meets some of them. But if you approach finding the right man at least with the same attention to detail that you do when selecting a new car you might have the same type of success at getting what you want.

With a car we spend time thinking about all the options, all the things that are important to us. We define our “must haves” (our requirements) as well as what would be nice (our preferences) if we can afford them. We have a budget. We have limits and expectations, requirements and preferences.

Women need to hunt for a man just like they hunt for the right car! And say “No” just as easily and quickly as soon as you find out that the man (or car) does not have what you require.

Rent a 17-minute movie from iTunes called Full Disclosure. It is a powerful model of what you could do in being clear, from the first date, exactly what you want and require. Dating services like Match.com or eHarmony.com have you define some of what you are looking for in a potential mate, but not as far as I’m suggesting you go and communicate and check out from the get go.

4) Be persistent. In my new award winning, autobiographical self-help book, Find the Upside of the Down Times: How to Turn Your Worst Experiences Into Your Best Opportunities!, (also available on Kindle and iTunes) I talk about the principle that “chance favors the prepared”. You have to do the groundwork to have “luck” help you produce the results you want. And you have to persist until you succeed.

Mr. Right isn’t going to come knock on your door. In fact, it is highly likely, because of the history of your patterns that you may have to go through turning down a number of Mr. Wrongs to have Mr. Right show up. So, the faster you persist in getting through some Mr. Wrongs, the faster your Mr. Right will becoming a permanent part of the rest of your life. It’s a law.

“I’ve been shot in the center of my chest with a 38 by an unknown assailant, fired, divorced and depressed, self-employed (which means permanently unemployed), audited by the IRS, and widowed after 10 years caring for the love of my live who died in my arms from multiple sclerosis. I speak from experience and education to provide practical tips for discovering the blessings in life’s challenges.”
– Dr. Rob Pennington

Blog: www.UpsideDownTimes.com
Twitter: @drrobpennington

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Is Your Nervous System Attracting Mr. Wrong?

Tracy O'Brien
Tracy O'Brien

I realize that sounds totally weird, yet it is a strange but true fact that our nervous systems like the status quo.  If you grew up with a lot of turmoil and drama, it becomes familiar, and you tend to gravitate back to that in your adult life.  Without realizing it, you attract men who will put you back into that familiar emotional climate.

You’re not masochistic, and you’re not deliberately choosing a man who is mean or abusive.  It’s just a subconscious return to what feels normal – the tyranny of the familiar.  The good news is, now that you’re aware of it, you can change it.

Does he remind you of someone who treated you poorly in the past?  Do you find yourself making excuses for his behaviour, for his treatment of you and other people?  We all behave poorly at times, saying and doing things we regret, but when you see a pattern in his behaviour, watch ut.  Don’t ignore the warning signs just so you have someone you can call your own.

One of the most sure fire ways to break the cycle is to start loving yourself.  If you don’t love you and treat yourself with respect, why should anyone else?

Start to notice what you say to yourself, that inner dialogue that only you hear.  Are you saying things to yourself that you would never say to your best friend?  Are you “brutally honest” and harsh with yourself?  If so, you are showing yourself great disrespect.  That energy will be picked up by the people around you, and they will mirror it back to you.

There was a time when I thought I had “victim” tattooed to my forehead.  I couldn’t see it, but it seemed like everyone else could.  I’ve learned that others will see me and treat me as I see myself, especially men.

This isn’t something you will change in one night, but you can break the cycle.  I did.  I know you can, too.  Start by praising yourself for each and every little thing you do well.  Give yourself credit for even showing up and getting in the game.  As you build your self-esteem by noticing and appreciating the great things about you, rather than having a false and destructive “humility” that is little more than self-abuse, you will become stronger, more beautiful, more secure, more powerful.  You will become someone who attracts other loving, secure people into her life.

The other thing you need for this process is a partner in believing.  You need a friend, mentor, coach, someone who sees your brilliance and believes in you and the changes you want to make.  It is so easy to fall back into the vortex of the life you’ve known.  Having someone on board who knows the way out of the forest will make the journey so much easier.  And the new you will attract a man worth having in your life!

About Tracy

Tracy O’Brien is the proud mother of 3 girls, author of the upcoming book, Change The Hand You’ve Been Dealt, owner and CEO of Tuwanda Corp., a real estate investment company,  and O’Brien Prosperity System, a coaching company that takes clients from stressed and struggling to relaxed and prosperous in all 4 quadrants of life.

Are you successful at work, use your brain all day, but on a date, you don’t feel like the two of you connect?  Go to http://antoinettecabral.com to sign up for Antoinette’s Free Audio Series and find out why?


Why Do Women Keep Attracting the Wrong Men?

Antoinette Cabral

You’ve seen it before: an intelligent woman keeps dating the wrong men. She should know better than pick men who are flaky and full of themselves, yet she keeps dating men that are just plain wrong for her. And then she seems surprised when each new man ends up disappointing her—and breaking her heart.


So if this keeps happening to your friends (or yourself), it’s time to examine why this pattern keeps repeating.

based upon my personal observations and the interviews I have conducted with women, there are three primary reasons why women get into the habit of attracting men that aren’t right for them.

First, they don’t really know what they want in a man. Oh sure, they think they know what they want. They get all twitterpated when they see a handsome man with a great smile and a devilish twinkle in his eye. His body is ripped, he is oozing with masculine energy and he drives a sweet car. Somewhere, deep in the primitive part of their brains, a thought is triggered: “He’s so hot!”


That may be true. He is very attractive. And that’s a wonderful thing. But if you want this man to be more than a casual fling, he better have some of the non-physical qualities that you really want in a potential boyfriend or husband.

If you’ve never actually written down what qualities you’re looking for in a romantic partner, do it now. If you love a man with a good sense of humor, write it down. If trustworthiness is important to you, put it on the list. Write down all the things that really matter to you—kindness, dependability, passion, prosperity, integrity, a sense of adventure, etc.


Second, too many women settle for less than they should. Even when they know what they want in a man (like you do, because you’ve got a list!), they fall back into the “any man is better than no man” approach. Sorry ladies, but if you’re looking for someone who you really want to be with for a long time, continuing to settle for men who aren’t right for you just perpetuates the pattern of wrong men.

Now, I don’t want you to think I am picking on women. Men are way worse than women when it comes to picking the wrong romantic partners. Then they get freaked out and run—and that’s one reason why men have such a bad reputation for being afraid of commitment. They’ve chosen the wrong woman and, at some level, they know it. So they bail.

The third common reason that women choose the wrong men is they start believing that they can’t find a good man or they don’t deserve a good man. Ladies, there are plenty of good, single men out there. And many of those good men are looking for a good woman so they can “settle down” into a healthy, happy, committed and monogamous relationship.


But unless you know what you really want, don’t settle for less, and believe that you can find the man of your dreams, you’ll probably keep finding yourself with the wrong man.

You don’t want that, do you?

Chad Stone is a dating expert and the author Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet, which tells his story of finding true love after divorce. The book provides women an insightful look at how a single man navigates the dating world. Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet is available as an eBook from Amazon Kindle. Visit Chad Stone’s blog at http://middleagedbabemagnet.blogspot.com/

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