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Dating Advice for Men: Are you stuck in the friend’s zone?

Hi there.

It’s Antoinette here.  I share the female perspective to finding your dream woman.  I wanted to ask you a few questions today.

Do you like a woman and she only wants to be your friend?

Are you attracted to her, but you she is only giving you signals of being a friend?

I get it.  It sucks being stuck in the friend zone.

Dating Advice for Men - Are you stuck in the friend's zone?

Want to learn the female perspective to what’s going on?

A woman does NOT want to be friends with a man who she sees and feels as a pushover.  If you are being too nice, then she can see you as a friend, but not someone she can be with long term.  Her feminine instinct says that you are friend quality, not a man who can protect her and make her feel safe.  She may not even know this is going on, but it’s a feeling inside of her. 

Do you feel that if you come on too strong you might push her away or seem to aggressive?

A woman needs man to be assertive and confident, but not aggressive and overbearing.  The modern drama-free woman needs a man who is embodying his confidence, strength and kindness, not a man who is wishy-washy and too nice.  The modern masculine man can be strong, yet sensitive at the same time. 

What do you do if you are stuck in the friend’s zone?

If you are stuck in the friend’s zone, and you don’t know what to do, here are some first steps:

Build your confidence as a man.  When you are confident and know who you are, then a woman will see you more than just a friend.  Write a list of things that you have to offer.  Read this list over and over again until you gain your confidence.

Claim your power as a man.  When you start to claim your power as a man, then you start to value yourself.  When you value yourself and see what you have to offer, then if she doesn’t like you back, it doesn’t matter.  She is not the one.  You’ll start to understand that you have so much to offer that you won’t waste your time on women who don’t see you.

Go after what you want. When you go after what you want, this shows strength and power to a woman.  This is sexy to a modern, drama-free woman. 

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I believe in you.  I know that with an amazing woman by your side, the impossible becomes possible.

Dating Advice for Men | Are you stuck in the friend's zone?







Antoinette Cabral | What women want from menWarmly,

Antoinette Cabral

Dating & Love Coach for Women and Men

How to Love a Woman | What THIS Woman Really Wants In A Man!

Antoinette Cabral
Aimee Elizabeth


I want a man’s love, time and attention more than any expensive gift. I don’t care how much money a man makes or what he does for a living, just as long as he can afford to pay his own bills and will pay when he takes me out on dates like a gentleman should. I will reciprocate in the girly way – maybe cooking him dinner, baking brownies, a thoughtful or amusing small gift, wearing sexy lingerie for him. I don’t care if the dates are expensive or not – the man should plan both whatever he can afford and what he thinks will create a fun date for us both. I am no snob, and don’t care about the price tag of activities. If it’s the right guy, most anything can be fun!

I also want a man who has the same common interests and enjoys the same fun activities as me. For example, I enjoy freestyle dancing, bowling, shooting pool, comedy clubs, working out, taking walks after dinner, reading the paper together at breakfast. Talking about our goals and dreams and helping each other achieve those goals and dreams. I believe that the couple that plays together, stays together. I want a best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one.

I want someone to share everything with, who feels the same way back. I want a man who gives with a happy heart, as will I. I want us both to do things for each other out of love, not out of obligation and certainly not to make money off of each other. Once you start putting a price tag on your acts of love, they are no longer acts of love, they are business deals. And nothing kills romance faster than business with your romantic partner.

I have a particular problem, in that I am very financially secure. Men tend to either come after me for money (to take it away from me) or they are intimidated and don’t feel good enough for me so they run away. So I need a man who is secure with himself and who has his own income. My money doesn’t make me any better than anyone else, and I wish it didn’t scare off good men. I am still deep down inside, just a girl, looking for the love of a good man.

I also want a man with whom I have awesome physical and fun chemistry together. We have to like each other’s sense of humor and also have an intense physical attraction or it will never work. And finally, I need a man who flosses his teeth daily – if his breath can knock down a building, it will never work for me!

Author’s Bio: Aimee Elizabeth is 49 years old, divorced twice, no kids, and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her 2 cats, 7 turtles and 25 koi. She is a business consultant and best selling author of “Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire.” You can find her book and business consulting at www.AimeeElizabeth.net.

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How to be sensual with a man on the Passion Muse Show on HealthyLife.net

I had a blast on Mia Whitmore’s show the Passion Muse sharing with the audience how to truly embrace feminine magnetism.  While on the show, the producer was enjoying our conversation:



How to be sensual with a man: Antoinette Cabral on Male Room TV!

I had a blast being on the Male Room TV a couple weeks ago with Brad Swanson and Corey Jenkins.  I talk about embracing empowered sensuality…..much different from what you might think sensuality might be about.   Plus, it was great being around grounded and sexy men.  Please watch!

First Date Tips: Connection vs. Compatability

Have you been getting your flirt on??

Getting your flirt on the feminine way, is so much FUN because it’s about you radiating your feminine magnetism from within.

Remember:  Men crave your feminine ways!

After you meet a man that you like, then it’s time to get to know him on your first date!

Your first date is not to meet your soul mate, but to see how compatible you truly are with him.

You might have a connection with man and he might be a really great guy, but are you truly compatible in the long term?

In my up coming program that is starting this Wednesday, MANIFEST THE   RIGHT MAN ~ THE EMPOWERED FEMININE WAY!, I share with you the   7 steps a woman should use to get to know a man to see if he is the right man!

I will give you two of the 7 steps right here:

Step 1: Check out his values when it comes to marriage.  Not all men want to get married!

Step 2: HAVE FUN!! There is nothing like being around a woman who keeps things light and fun!  Bring out your feminine and fun side, because this is truly IRRESISTIBLE to men.  Who doesn’t like to have fun?

I can’t wait to share the 7 steps in my upcoming program!  It’s going to be packed with juicy information.  Plus, it will be A LOT of fun because I am fun!

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Antoinette is a passionate, playful and authentic mentor and I’ve appreciated her perspective on approaching life and dating relationships for many years. I find her seminars thought provoking and highly recommend them to any woman seeking a deeper, more satisfying relationship with herself. “  Maryanne Van Meter, San Diego, CA is now married with her first child with this man.

Dating Advice for Women: Manifest the Right Man by embracing the feminine ways!

This is my Dating Advice for Women:

Do you feel overwhelmed and off balance from work, and when you are on date, you forget what it feels like to be feminine, flirty and fun?

When you embrace the empowered feminine ways you will:

  • Embrace feminine magnetism, so you can MANIFEST THE RIGHT MAN TO YOU!
  • Feel more balanced in your work and love life!
  • Be feminine in relationship, so the man can provide, protect you and CLAIM YOU!!
  • Have a rocking love and bedroom life!





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How to be in a healthy relationship and the benefits of chocolate + pleasure by Antoinette Cabral

How are you?  Recently, I had a great time sharing with two great women on how to connect to their own inherent pleasure using chocolate.


Why chocolate?

Research has shown that eating dark chocolate and cacao has antioxidants that has been linked to

  • some of the hallmarks of good cardiovascular health
  • enhanced blood flow
  • healthy cholesterol
  • and reduced blood pressure

I looked up PLEASURE in the dictionary.  This is what is says:

1. The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified.
2. A source of enjoyment or delight.
3. Amusement, diversion, or worldly enjoyment.
4. Sensual gratification or indulgence.
A study by the research group ARISE shows that guilt can cause patients to deprive themselves of pleasure to the detriment of health.  Research has shown that pleasure and the enjoyment of pleasure enhances the immune system and well-being.
Let me ask you…which woman does not enjoy chocolate??
What if you were to combine PLEASURE + DARK CHOCOLATE?
Pleasure is the catalyst to open you up and become more feminine! With practice, the combination of chocolate, pleasure and other secret practices YOU CAN
  • Release the body blocks that are stored in your body that make you hard and over-masculine. When you are over giving, over doing, and over analyzing this creates a hard shell around your feminine body. This directly affects your dating and love life!!! When you release the body blocks, you will be able to MANIFEST THE RIGHT MAN TO YOU with greater ease.
  • Access your deeper intuition, so you make the right decisions when it comes to love and work.
  • Catapult your business success using feminine practices.
  • Experience more ease and grace in your dating and love life!

Sounds amazing right??

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To chocolate, pleasure and being FEMININE!!

Be claimed by the right man Dating Coach for Women, Antoinette Cabral

Are you making a mistake while dating?

Are you wondering why he doesn’t call you back for another date?

Are you tired of attracting the wrong man?

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How to be attractive to a man | How to be sensual with a man

Let me ask you this:


Is the dating world confusing and overwhelming?

Are you making BIG mistakes while dating and don’t know your own dating blindspots?

Because if he’s not asking you out or calling you back, then something went wrong!



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You might be making a BIG MISTAKE while dating and finding love and actually repelling him!

One mistake women make is having HIGH EXPECTATIONS during the courting and dating process instead of HAVING FUN!!

Let me tell you, that men want to be with a fun and feminine woman. If you don’t ignite that playful and light spirit, then you won’t ENCHANT HIM.

I know there are many men from my own personal experience who just KNOW right away that he wants to be with YOU! Continue reading How to be attractive to a man | How to be sensual with a man

How to be sensual and flirt with a man by Antoinette Cabral

I love working with clients on how to be sensual with a man.  It’s been very confusing for women to understand the power of attraction.  Most women have been so disconnected from their feminine and sensual power….the things that the right man absolutely crave in a woman.  She is either needy by revolving her life around a the man’s schedule or she’s too independent, won’t allow herself to be feminine around a man and receive the gifts that he wants to give to her.  Also, she might be disconnected from her sensual nature.  These are big deal breakers for the right man.

I’ve been working closely with a couple of matchmakers in Beverly Hills, and I love comparing notes.  We agree that women don’t really understand the dynamics to BE THAT WOMAN that a man will claim and die for.  Yes!  It is said that the right man will do what it takes to be with that woman that inspires, ignites and opens up his heart.  He will want to protect you, be your hero, give you everything, and even die for you.  The art of being a true Goddess hasn’t been cultivated in woman, and I want to share with some top ways to be able to be this woman.

1. Radiate your feminine nature:  If you you’ve been in your head all day from a very masculine job and don’t transition to the feminine he will see you as a friend because your body language and energy is not emitting femininity.  Dates are NOT interviews! Or maybe you are the one who likes to take charge, then a man isn’t going to want to connect with you.  You are competing with him.  This will confuse him. Embrace  your feminine essence and he  will be enchanted by YOU!

2.  Let go of negative beliefs about men.  Do you have negative beliefs about men?  Do you think that men are less than a woman or you think they are stupid?  Are you jaded by men or have been hurt in the past?  It’s time to heal the past.  If you don’t like men or you don’t love men, then you aren’t going to attract a man that’s going to adore you or claim you.  The beliefs that you carry are going to show up in your dating and love life.  I know this from experience.   I kept attracting men over and over again that rejected me.  I had huge rejection issues from the past.  It was time to heal this belief.   When I did, I stopped attracting men who rejected me.

3.  Embrace your sensual nature.  Men love a woman who connected to her body, her sensual nature.  He will notice how you move, how you connect to your body, how you invite pleasure into your life.  When you experience pleasure, he will want to experience that same pleasure with YOU.  Let’s face it, humas are sexual beings.  Men produce testosterone, which creates sex drive and aggressive energy.  Men love sex.  It’s their nature.  If you are not connected to your body, and are not open sensually, then this man may want to find sex somewhere else.  I hear this from men.  So open up to your sensual potential.  I can show you a safe way to embrace your sensual nature and expand into feelings of bliss, beauty and pleasure daily!

When you start to embrace a Female Sensual Lifestyle, then a man will notice YOU!  He will want to claim you as his woman.  He will notice that you are different.  You will inspire him to be a better man.  You will invite him into a world that he has never experienced before.  He will want to keep coming back for more….and you won’t want to stray because he knows that you are the woman he wants to keep….ALWAYS!

If you have any questions, email me at info@antoinettecabral.com. Email me for your complimentary “Empowered Sensuality Session” today!

Have a beautiful day!