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Dating Advice for Men: Are you stuck in the friend’s zone?

Hi there.

It’s Antoinette here.  I share the female perspective to finding your dream woman.  I wanted to ask you a few questions today.

Do you like a woman and she only wants to be your friend?

Are you attracted to her, but you she is only giving you signals of being a friend?

I get it.  It sucks being stuck in the friend zone.

Dating Advice for Men - Are you stuck in the friend's zone?

Want to learn the female perspective to what’s going on?

A woman does NOT want to be friends with a man who she sees and feels as a pushover.  If you are being too nice, then she can see you as a friend, but not someone she can be with long term.  Her feminine instinct says that you are friend quality, not a man who can protect her and make her feel safe.  She may not even know this is going on, but it’s a feeling inside of her. 

Do you feel that if you come on too strong you might push her away or seem to aggressive?

A woman needs man to be assertive and confident, but not aggressive and overbearing.  The modern drama-free woman needs a man who is embodying his confidence, strength and kindness, not a man who is wishy-washy and too nice.  The modern masculine man can be strong, yet sensitive at the same time. 

What do you do if you are stuck in the friend’s zone?

If you are stuck in the friend’s zone, and you don’t know what to do, here are some first steps:

Build your confidence as a man.  When you are confident and know who you are, then a woman will see you more than just a friend.  Write a list of things that you have to offer.  Read this list over and over again until you gain your confidence.

Claim your power as a man.  When you start to claim your power as a man, then you start to value yourself.  When you value yourself and see what you have to offer, then if she doesn’t like you back, it doesn’t matter.  She is not the one.  You’ll start to understand that you have so much to offer that you won’t waste your time on women who don’t see you.

Go after what you want. When you go after what you want, this shows strength and power to a woman.  This is sexy to a modern, drama-free woman. 

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I believe in you.  I know that with an amazing woman by your side, the impossible becomes possible.

Dating Advice for Men | Are you stuck in the friend's zone?







Antoinette Cabral | What women want from menWarmly,

Antoinette Cabral

Dating & Love Coach for Women and Men

Dating Advice for Men: 7-Differences Between a Drama-Free Woman and a Drama Queen

Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who is supportive and has her own life?

drama-queenFrom a female perspective, I’m going to share with you 7 differences between drama queens and drama-free women. These 7 points come from my proven 7-Step System that allows you to stop dating drama queens and start attracting happy, drama-free women. And so in the spirit of finding love with a drama-free woman, read on to see her characteristics.

A drama free woman will…

1. Ask for What She Wants and Needs
She will communicate to you if something is bothering her and leave no room for miscommunication. A drama-queen doesn’t communicate effectively, and often becomes upset when you don’t read her mind. Sound familiar?

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Dating Tips For Men: Make Her Want You Even More For Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Do you want to know what a happy and Drama-free woman wants for Valentine’s Day?  She wants something more than pick up techniques, strategies or what money can buy.  I have three important secrets to share with you to sweetly seduce her.  Shhhhhhhhhhh!  Can you keep a secret?

1. Embrace your masculine nature.  But, don’t waver into your energy.  Women can sense energy, especially the intention behind your body language. So, become the masculine to her feminine.  Allow yourself to be solid and strong, so she can softly surrender to you.

Advice: You must be emotionally and energetically available for her to open up to you.

Help find your woman2. Connect to her heart, not just her body.  The key to a woman is her through her heart.  Her feelings are more intense and deeper than the average man.  Her mind and body are interconnected – a woman never separates these two entities. You will find that her heart yearns for deep connection and devotion. Women are able to listen and understand where people’s emotions come from.

Advice: Listen to her when she is sharing – not just hear her.  Open up and share with her a part of you that may be vulnerable.  This will deepen the connection.

3. Sweetly seduce her with your own sexy and straightforward communication.  Do you like being noticed about the positive you bring to life?  Well, so does she! Look at her deeply in the eyes. Tell her that you think that she is incredibly beautiful and special every time you think about her. Let her know that you want her by returning eye contact, attention, or even her calls and texts. Touch her hair or her skin softly while you two are together to communicate the fact that she belongs in your life. Your relationship with her is the reason why you look forward to the future. Feel it. Say it. Mean it. She will feel safe with you.

Advice: Follow these steps and your sweet Valentine seduction has begun.

Women deeply crave emotional connection, affection and communication more than you realize.  The more you learn these tools, you will find an amazing woman who will cherish you and bring out the best in you.  When you deepen your connection to a woman, you will deepen your relationship in more ways than one.

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Dating Advice for Men: Chemistry vs. Compatibility

Because I am a Dating & Relationship Expert for Men, I can spot things in people right away.  I was at a party last week.  I was casually talking to a guy named Jeff.   He asked me what I did.  I let him know that I help men find their dream woman.  I take them through a 7 step process and look at their own unique dating and love blind spots.  After I take them through the process, the men experience profound changes in their lives, feeling more confident, embracing their masculine power, understanding women, and choosing a woman who will bring out the best in them.  They are happy.  He seemed interested in what I had to share.

I asked him about his last relationship.  He said he went through divorce.  I asked him what happened.  He said, “Well, she was super attractive and the sex was great.  She eventually pressured me into marriage.  After we got married, we had nothing in common.”  I asked him, “Did you know that you didn’t have anything in common while you were dating her?”   Jeff says, “I didn’t care.  She was hot.  I was getting laid often.  After we got married, our sex life went down hill because she wasn’t happy.  We ended up getting a divorce.”

Jeff’s need were simple.  He was attracted to his woman.  He had regular sex.  That made him happy at the moment.  I hated to break this to Jeff, but there is more to a lasting relationship than just chemistry alone.   He ended up getting married to a woman that he had NOTHING in common with.   The oxytocin that is released from her during orgasm bonded the two of them.   Once she was bonded, then the expectations go up at least 1000%.   The expectations is what you call nagging and drama.   Because he wasn’t compatible, the expectations from her were never fulfilled, thus the divorce.

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Dating Tips for Men: What I Really Want In A Relationship by Joan Meijer

Because I am on the dating sites at age 73 I think about this quite a bit, probably because I get very few positive responses to my description about myself. Most of the men on those sites seem to spend their lives at the gym. I expected golfers. I was surprised by the weight lifters. They also seem to be longing for the wives they’ve lost. Either I am so out of touch that I don’t share the same planet (which is certainly possible) or they seem to be saying the things they think I want to hear. They extol the virtues of holding hands by the fireplace and taking long walks on the beach – I think they’re more in touch with their feminine side than I am. Actually, I wanted that when I was 20.

Today, as a novelist consumed with selling my books, I want a relationship that allows me to be self-fulfilled and utterly selfish. I want someone who is as busy and productive as I am. Who drops by for coffee and perhaps great sex for a couple of hours and then who rushes home to engage in his own selfish interests. I want a man who is as interested in ideas and projects and making the most of these last years of his life as I am and doesn’t have time for long strolls on the beach and sitting before a fire holding hands. I don’t care if he’s a physically fit vegan with all his teeth. What’s he interested in?

I definitely want someone who never watches TV – someone who reads books on economics and politics – someone who never wants to retire. I definitely don’t want someone who loves fishing, camping and riding motorcycles. I am completely turned off by men who offer me “security” in a way that sounds a good deal like whoring. I like being self-sufficient and I love men who support that aspect in me.

I like men who converse as opposed to delivering monologues. I have actually taken naps during phone conversations with dates who didn’t last long and the men haven’t noticed. In short I’d rather be alone than date most of the men who appear to be available to me. And most of the men who appear to be available to me aren’t attracted to me. Which is very much okay and pretty much how it’s always been.

Over the years since my divorce, nearly 30 years ago, I actually have had relationships like the one I describe. It has required finding men who are totally unavailable for one reason or another or finding  men I like and find attractive but whom I know better than to consider entering into a more conventional relationship with.

I’m not willing to settle for something less any more. Life by myself is way too interesting to be burdened by giving it up to someone who isn’t a great match.



Joan Meijer is the author of over 20 works of fiction and non-fiction including three thriller and one historical novel based on one of the greatest medical mysteries of all times. She has released her novels on the digital publishing houses like kindle and nook to rave reviews and five star ratings and been favorably compared to Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen. She lives in Los Angeles and spends weekends reading to her grandson, developing in him a love of books and stories.

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How to love a woman | What Women Want from Men

What women want in a relationship to feel complete might surprise you!  This can be summed up on the three points of a triangle. Point 1: Women want to feel wanted. Point 2: Women want to feel respected. Point 3: They want to be physically touched (in a variety of loving ways). If the partner can enhance their sense of security and safety, too, it’s a home run.

Here are the components in detail, and how women can take leadership to enhance these aspects in any relationship:

Women want to feel wanted: This is all about being number one in their partner’s life. Women like to know that out of all the women in the world (mother-in-laws and kids included), that they are at the top of his list. A passionate look in the eye or a love note can remind any woman that she’s desired more than anything else.

Common Sense Tip: Most males need to be taught this step. First, decide what makes you feel wanted, whether it’s an unexpected hug or date night dinner, and then let him know. Saying thank you to his gestures of love offers positive reinforcement, too.

Women want to feel respected: Respect is about being admired and revered. Whether she is admired for her ability to have a career, manage money, creatively solve problems, or effectively run a household, women like to know they are valued by their partner.

Common Sense Tip: Again, open communication is essential here. He might already respect you for numerous reasons, but women can take the guesswork out of the process by freely discussing what’s important to you. This can include sharing thoughts about a book you’re reading or reminding your man that you’d like him to listen to what you have to say. This must all be done in a kind and timely fashion, of course.

Women want to be lovingly touched: While physical touch in a relationship might be instantly associated with sex, it means much more than that. Touch is about holding hands, leading her by the small of her back, or a light kiss in public.

Common Sense Tip: Tell him what you desire. Instead of assuming he knows what you want, take the lead in telling your partner how you’d like to be touched. You might discover what he feels comfortable with and what he doesn’t. I mean, who knows, kissing in public might be embarrassing to him. By opening up communication, and touch, you enhance this point on your triangle.

Women want to feel secure:                              

The core of the female triangle is feeling that they are safe and secure. Part of this necessity for protection evolves from the maternal care-taking instinct, even if no physical children are present. Security refers to financial stability as well as security in the relationship itself. Asking to be an active part of financial decisions and your financial future boosts this sense of security, as well as feeling of respect, in the relationship.

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How to Love A Woman: 5 Ways to be Truly Satisfied

In the dating world today, it can often be difficult to figure out if someone is the “right” match.  So often the questions come up, “Am I expecting too much? Will I never be satisfied? Should I settle? Since I never suggest settling, I created a theory that may be helpful for those who are trying to figure it out…to start, there are 2 main questions that one should ask him or herself when questioning forever with a mate.

1) Who is this person in relation to the real world?

What do they do? How do they act? What is their life like etc.? This often turns people on or off prematurely.  i.e. “He is a doctor and loves kids! We are perfect for each other!”

2) Who is this person in relation to me?

What is your actual connection like? Do you connect in some or all of the ways that are most important to you? This is where my “Fundamental Five Theory” comes into play, because often times people “jump in” or reject prematurely based on the type of connections they may or may not have.

Who is this person in relation to me?”

I think that each person requires a certain level of connection in each of the following areas to be truly satisfied in a relationship.

The Fundamental Five Ways to Connect with your Partner

1)    Intellectual: Can this person connect with me intellectually?

2) Emotional: Can this person understand/handle my emotions? Do I feel comfortable sharing?

3) Spiritual: Does this person share or respect my spiritual/non-spiritual beliefs?

4) Chemistry: Does it feel natural and enjoyable to be in each other’s physical presence?

5) Lifestyle: If I were to be dropped off into his/her “world” would it feel comfortable? (i.e. culture, eating habits, sleeping patterns, cleanliness, social habits, health, hobbies, etc.)

“Why doesn’t this feel right?” Often people start a relationship based on the excitement that comes with idealizing a person’s “real world achievements” or connecting in only a few of these five ways.  After some time however, if all five of these connections aren’t satisfied, it can often leave someone wondering what went wrong, whereas in truth they didn’t find someone who satisfied all of their connection needs to begin with.  Clearly there are many other elements that influence our own ability to be satisfied in general, but finding someone who is highly compatible will definitely make things easier!

Therefore, when looking for the perfect match it is of the utmost importance to find someone who:

  • ·Relates to the world in a way you value and enjoy
  • ·Satisfies all of your Fundamental Five connection needs


Jasmin Terrany, LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist with both a Master of Arts and Master of Education in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University; as well as bachelor degree in Spanish from Tufts University. She has a Life Therapy private practice in Sunny Isles, Miami which integrates psychotherapy & life coaching with mindfulness & meditation. In her private practice Jasmin works mostly with women ages 20 -50 and specializes in the following areas:

  •  Developing self-love and confidence
  • Improving relationships
  • Releasing stress, anxiety and sadness
  • Creating a healthy relationship with food and body
  • Uncovering your life’s purpose
  • Overcoming your quarter life crisis

In addition to working with individuals and couples, she has an inspirational blog with almost 4,000 followers. She gives classes, workshops, and guest lectures. Jasmin is also currently in the process of co-authoring a book with New York Times bestselling author and world renowned spiritual activist Marianne Williamson, called “Love and Oneness”.

Two of her deepest passions are travel and spiritual growth. She has studied, volunteered or traveled in over 40 different countries, and has focused much of her life and education around learning about different cultures and people. Jasmin has also studied mindfulness practices and meditation extensively and has done various meditation and yoga retreats around the globe, including a 10 day retreat in complete silence.

To learn more about Jasmin you can visit her website www.JasminBalance.com.

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