When I came to see Antoinette, I was coming out of a toxic divorce.  In one of her sessions, I experienced more transformation and insight then I had with a year of therapy.  I learned the inside secrets on how to meet a high quality woman.  I am now with a woman who rocks my world.  She is my muse.  I am working out all the time, traveling to new places, fulfilling my purpose, experiencing new things, and making love is  AMAZING!.  I am happy.  Antoinette’s guidance will not only help you find your dream woman, but will help you be the man that you came here to be!   Adam S, San Francisco Area

Before I worked with Antoinette’s program, I felt I didn’t trust men and was operating on too much masculine energy. I came from some bad experiences with men and wasn’t connecting to my deep feminine side of me. It wasn’t until I worked with Antoinette’s program that I realized I could embody the feminine lifestyle more completely within my bones. She has a depth of compassion and Hawaiian global empowerment consciousness that I loved. The depth of her feminine wisdom, commitment and knowledge to walk gently to anchor the energies is one of her super gifts she offers to women. She is very easy to work with and you can be yourself. Her teachings on the sensual parts of ourselves in relating to our relationships, bodies and our creative life force is highly recommended. It will last a lifetime. I highly encourage you to reach out and invest in yourself and it’s quite fun too. I would love to do it again! Jane Morba, New Jersey

Couple getting close in romanceBefore working with Antoinette I keep meeting all the wrong kinds of guys and repeating the same patterns in my  relationships. I thought I didn’t have any negative beliefs about men as I love them! But working with her I realized I had a lot of fears around intimacy and feeling safe with men that where causing me to make bad decisions in my love life.

After working with her I cleared some deep relationship blocks and now feel so much more confident and beautiful. I am relating to my sensuality in a fabulous new way, respecting my own boundaries and am receiving a much different response from men and have been attracting the kind of man that I previously thought was out of my league!!  I highly recommend working with Antoinette if you can. She really knows her stuff and has definitely changed my life for the better!!  Umoh Luna, http://wildempress.com

Antoinette is a passionate, playful and authentic mentor and I’ve appreciated her perspective on approaching life and dating relationships for many years. I find her seminars thought provoking and highly recommend them to any woman seeking a deeper, more satisfying relationship with herself. ”  Maryanne, San Diego, CA is now married and with two kids.

“Thanks to Antoinette, her amazing work and insights, I went from being a self-conscious doormat in an abusive marriage to a confident, self assured, empowered goddess who is radiant and magnetic. So much so, I often find myself surrounded by men all vying for my attention. In fact, recently I was the center of attention surrounded by 12 firemen all in uniform, every girl’s dream!  Although I have yet to select the man I want for myself, I’m having the most amazing and juicy time deciding.

I highly recommend Antoinette to anyone who’s looking to embody his or her confidence and to embrace the sensual way of life. I know if I can come from the worst of the worst to a space of honoring and empowering myself, anyone can.”  Lisa S, Vancouver, Canada

My work with Antoinette has transformed my relationships with men (and ultimately with myself).  She’s an incredibly intuitive and inspirational guide.  Her message is unique in that she empowers women and men to really work on themselves before working on their relationships.  In getting to know myself better, I am better able to understand and appreciate men.  They don’t suck!  Just the opposite.  In owning my power, I’m able to attract powerful, wonderful men!! Ariella Forstein, http://ariellaapproach.com

The information that Antoinette provides is pure gold for the man who was open and ready to receive it. I learned that I will attract the kind of woman according to the energy I emanate. If I am an angry person, I will only attract negative women or with anger issues. If I am generous, positive and pay attention to her needs I will attract women who are open and ready to start a healthy, mature and loving relationship. I also learned some amazing “secrets” to unlock the combination to her heart, to understand her feelings, and why it is so important to listen and to be aware of her true needs. Thank you Antoinette!! Leo F.K., Los Angeles, CA

“Antoinette came into my life as I was going through the worst possible time – going through a messy divorce and a toxic relationship. As much as I knew I needed to get away; somehow my wife still had a hold on me even though we’re nearly divorced. Antoinette has spent so much quality time talking to me, helping me to learn the importance of understanding myself, and working on being the best me I can be. Most importantly she has helped me to find the good/blessings in everything. I saw what kept me stuck and why I keep attracting the wrong women. All of these things I owe to Antoinette and absorbing her wisdom. It’s amazing to find a woman who understands men as well as Antoinette. I am proud to call her a mentor and more so a friend.” Scott, Tallahassee, FL, USA